Do yoga on a psychedelic shaman’s song! Elevate your practice and your consciousness with our IP-protected patterns by magic people in the Amazon

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25% royalty for the design. 25% of your purchase goes to the tribe.

The Icaro Yoga Mat by IP^2 is a copyright-protected Shipibo-Conibo pattern and shaman’s song.

Based on visions from psychedelic plants like ayahuasca and piri piri and representing a kind of indigenous sheet music, in Shipibo the patterns are called kené.

Shamans say people have their own kené, unique like fingerprints, broken where sickness lies, and repair them with healing songs called ícaros. 

The Icaro Yoga Mat is your chance to own a piece of this ancient healing music and express your support the tribe from whence it came.

IP^2 means Indigenous Peoples’ Intellectual Property

We believe indigenous peoples should be as rich as their cultures.

To create that equity we put a 25% royalty in the IP^2 Licensing Agreement, developed in-house by our team of experienced intellectual property lawyers, with 80% of the royalty going to the indigenous creator of the kené used in the Icaro Yoga Mat design and 20% to the collective through a legal defense fund with a Shipibo-Conibo lawyer, the IP^2 Foundation.

We stand against cultural appropriation.

The IP^2 Foundation protects kené


💰 We help Shipibo-Conibo creators pay copyright registration fees for their kené at Indecopi, a Peruvian government agency, which costs ~$50 per pattern.

🎓 We teach Shipibo-Conibo people how to flex their rights and represent them in contract negotiations.

⚖️ We sue violators who appropriate kené without a license.

IP^2 unlocks new value

When Muhammad Yunus won the Nobel Peace Price in Economics, his acceptance speech focused on redefining capitalism for it to work for the future of humanity.

We redefine capitalism as IP^2, unlocking value in indigenous cultural property for the benefit of indigenous peoples.

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